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Linnea started the group in 2010 and was born on March 23rd 2001 in Åmotfors, Värmland. In the band she plays drums and sings but she also plays the piano in her free time.

Linnea has always had music close to her and began to play drums and sing already when she was 3 years old, but back then it was more like "twinkle, twinkle, little star".

She wanted to start a band when her cousin got to be in a band that the music school in Arvika had arranged. She decided to get a band of her own, so she began to ask her best friend Ida Bergkvist if she wanted to play the piano/synth.

After she had spoken to Ida, she asked Linn Persson if she wanted to play the guitar.

Then she went to Lovisa Dahlman to ask if she wanted to play bass, and everyone wanted to join. When Lovisa, back in 2015, wanted to quit the band, Linnea asked Liv if there was an interest.

When Linn in 2017 wanted to quit she then asked Nathapat and Oliver if they were interested and they both were. The idea at the beginning was not for both of them to play guitar. Although they had an audition which made the band members talk about maybe recruiting both of them. They decided to try with both at the same time and it turned out great.


Linnea studied at Estetiska Skolan, Stage N' Perform, in Arvika, Sweden together with the rest of the band. She then studied music production at Musikhögskolan Ingesund, in Arvika. And now she builds her own studio, works as a music producer, songwriter, artist, etc, and she is also a drum teacher at "Årjängs kommunala musikskola"

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Linnea Waljestål
Ellinor Bergkvist

Ellinor (Ida) was Linnea's best friend and the very first person that was asked if she wanted to be in the band.

Ellinor plays synth/keyboard and sings. She also played guitar on a song that the group played, but has never really been that interested in playing the guitar.

The interest for music has always been great and it has always been close to her.


She began playing the piano for a music teacher in Åmotfors when she was 7 years old.

She has always sung, and when she started high school she got singing lessons and even a second piano teacher.

Ellinor lives in Åmotfors, Värmland, is 22 years old and was born on 26th of June 2001.

She studied at Estetiska Skolans high school, Stage N' Perform in Arvika, Sweden, along with the others. 

Liv Haglund

Liv Haglund started in the band as the bass player in april 2015. She is 23 years old, born in January 11 2000. Liv was in the same grade as Linnea, Oliver and Nathapat at Estetiska Skolans high school,

Stage and Perform. She then went on to study at Geijerskolan. Now she also works as a personal assistant.

Music has always been something close to Liv, the first instrument she began to play was the piano.

When she grew older she began to take lessons playing the accordion at the music school, but now she has stopped playing the accordion and has started playing the bass.

She started playing bass guitar when she and some of her friends started a band in 2014 after a ”popkollo” and she was immediately hooked. When she began at high school, she got her first teacher.


When Linnea asked her if she wanted to join LILL(now EXLO), due to the fact that their bass player had quit, she became very happy and said yes, of course.

Oliver Lee

Oliver was born in June 29 1999 in London, England and is 24 years old.

He moved to Sweden on the 20th of September 2015 when he was 16 years old.

Oliver studied along with the others at Stage and Perform in Arvika, just like the others. Now he is studying dance at Karlstad Universitet.

Oliver plays guitar, and got his first guitar when he was around 10 years old. Back then, he had no idea how to play it but when he was around 14-15 years old, he began to learn to play and he thought it was really fun. When he moved to Sweden he played more and more, and started getting lessons in the first grade at high school.

He can also a little bit of piano and his very first instrument were the drums, he played drums just for a little while when he was in the 7th grade.


Oliver has always been interested in music and his older sister also played music, which also made him more interested in the ”musicsphere”.

He loved to watch all those Disney Channel movies like Camp rock, etc... which inspired him to start playing.

2017 - 11/29, he was asked if he was interested in playing in LILL(now EXLO). When Linnea asked him, he became very happy and got a small adrenaline rush, he really wanted to join the band.


Nathapat Ketmai

Nathapat is 23 years old and was born on 26 June 2000 in Konkhen province, Thailand. When he was eight years old he moved to Sweden.

He also studied at Estetiska Skolans high school, Stage & Perform, just like the others in the group and has guitar as his main instrument. When he started high school, he started singing lessons.

He is now studying music production together with Linnea at Musikhögskolan Ingesund, in Arvika.

Nathapat has always liked music but he never really got the chance to try. Until he moved to Sweden, where his interest of music grew.


When he was around 10-11 years old he became interested in playing the guitar and so he started taking guitar lessons. His first guitar was a Yamaha FG800NT acoustic. In addition to the guitar, he also plays a little bit of drums, sings and can play bass guitar, however, he has never taken lessons in either drumming or playing bass guitar.

Since then, the music lived on within him.


2017-11/29 he was asked if he was interested in playing in LILL(now EXLO). When Linnea asked if he wanted to join the band, he was excited and looked forward to playing and gigging with the band in different places.

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